11. What are the basic selectors in jQuery?

Following are the basic selectors in jQuery:
  • Element ID
  • CSS Name
  • Tag Name
  • DOM hierarchy

12. Can we call C# code behind using jQuery?

Yes, we can call C# code from jQuery AJAX.

13. What is the use jQuery.data method?

jQuery.data methods is used to associate the data with the DOM nodes and the objects. This data method makes the jQuery code clear and concise.

14. What is the difference between size and length of jQuery?

Size and length both returns the number of element in an object. But length is faster than the size because length is a property and size is a method.

15. Can we add more than one 'document.ready' function in a page?

Yes, we can add more than one document.ready function in a page. But, body.onload can be added once in a page.